Café au Lait Bowl - Dark Red with Ivory Petals

Café au Lait Bowl - Dark Red with Ivory Petals


On a crisp fall morning in France there is nothing like warm milky coffee.  If one is long on time, it is common to add a little more coffee.  Then a little more milk.  More coffee and so on… until the morning has slipped away.  Footed café au lait bowls like these are a rare reminder of mornings past and will perfect fit your French décor.

I do not recommend these bowls for actual use of liquid, but as a decorative reminder of the mood for a shabby chic kitchen.

This red striped bowl just begs to return to an outdoor café.  It is in wonderful condition (c 1920-30) except for a few tiny stains on the bottom of the inside.  There is also a very unusual white mark on the outside that is an original flaw in the glazing (about ¼”), which is quite unique.  It has the Digoin, France stamp on the bottom as well as the production number (9661).

5 ½” diameter, 3 ½” tall

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