Les Pastras Black Truffle Honey

Les Pastras Black Truffle Honey


No, your eyes do not deceive you.  Yes, this is honey with an actual slice of winter black truffle (more intense than the summer’s white truffle).  It is rare to find a product this incredibly unique.  The taste of the truffle infuses the honey for an unbelievable flavor combination. In fact, when you open your box, you’ll notice that the smell of the truffle can even permeate the jar!  I prefer it served lightly drizzled over brie (the gooiest one you can find) and a light cracker; but of course, get creative – this honey goes great with any number of dishes.  If you or your friends are obsessed with truffles, this is the product for you.  This product comes from the small Les Pastras farm in Provence.  The honey comes from its own bees and the truffles are hunted using dogs, within their grove of oak trees.

A note from Johann: If the honey is cloudy and solid, it's a good sign. It means you have real honey because it crystallized. When a honey jar is liquid all year long it's either corn syrup or pasteurized honey that has lost all is health benefits. If you prefer your honey liquid just put it next to a warm place and it will be fluid again.

*If you come up with a great recipe that uses this product, we’d love to hear from you. 

180g/6.35 oz

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Les Pastras’ products are FDA approved. For more information on Les Pastras, visit Les Pastras

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