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Whenever possible, we try our best to bring you products from local artisans and producers.  We’ve been lucky to meet enough to meet wonderful people along the way and will be adding more soon.  

Meet a few…



I was immediately drawn to Anliz’s stall at the market in St. Remy.  After talking with her for a while. I was even more impressed with her and her craft. There she was tucked against the wall at an extremely busy pedestrian crossway.  Ad she was actually making her leather products right there at the market stall, which is quite unusual.  I learned that she makes most of her amazing items at her home in Monteux, but also happily makes some at the market so people can see her handiwork in the production stage.  Currently we only carry her coin purses and bracelets but hope to be adding more products soon.  If you have requests or ideas for items from Anliz that you would like to see, please let us know.

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François & Emilie

I met François at the large Tuesday market in Vaison la Romaine.  I asked him if he would offer me a small discount if I bought many items and he replied, “My wife is at home making these.  She wouldn’t be happy if I accepted too little.”  I knew right away that François and I should work together.  And, of course, I asked him his story and how he came to be at the markets...

Fifteen years ago, Emilie began to learn the art of fabric work from her mother.  The pair owned an atelier (workshop) in Arles, which also had a small store to sell their handmade goods.  They worked together for many years.  When François met Emilie he loved the work Emilie and her mother made... and also loved Emilie.  With his natural ability for sales and her gift for handiwork, the couple decided to sell some of their products at a stall in the Provençal markets.  They have enjoyed this joint endeavor for the past nine years.

He told me that they really love the markets because their work is appreciated by so many visitors looking for authentic handmade items from France.

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Les Pastras

Johann and Lisa Pepin

Les Pastras is one of those places you can visit for a few hours, but it sticks with you forever.  I originally came to Les Pastras for an “I Love Lucy”-style grape stomp, which was fantastic – huge wooden stomping barrels, bandanas, stained shirts and all.  But like so many experiences in Provence, it quickly became more than that when we began to learn about the entire farm operation.

Johann and Lisa are a Franco-American couple who moved to the South of France from Chicago in 2003, taking over the Pepin family.  They left corporate jobs to return to an organic farm and the splendors of Provence. 

You can rest assured that all products from Les Pastras are the real thing… lovingly produced in small batches with farm-grown products.  Today, the Pepins grow all their own grapes for organic wine production, but they also have their own olive trees to be cold-pressed into olive oil, as well as their own bees for producing amazing honey.  Perhaps their most wonderous product are both summer and winter truffles, hunted by the family dogs, underneath their own oak trees.   With a belief that the environment should be respected, the Pepin family uses no chemicals in their production and water their farm with only what Mother Nature provides.

At present, we only carry the Les Pastras Truffle Honey.  However, if you are interested in other products from Les Pastras, such as authentic organic olive oil or truffle salts, please let us know at

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Check out this Artisan’s products in the Marketplace

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